Technical Expertise of a top-rated International Degree: One among the handful of academically-qualified Acoustical Consultants in India. 

Advanced Software Modelling and Simulation: Predictive Acoustics for upcoming or remote buildings using Industry standard simulation software 

Empathetic Design, Custom Solutions: Innovative, Practical and Minimalistic design that stems from a deep understanding of material science and sound wave propagation

Standards-Compliant Survey, Testing and Solutions:  Thorough knowledge of building codes and noise laws, state-of-the -art equipment for professional grade measurements and survey. •

 Independent, Unbiased Technical Recommendation: No commercial leanings whatsoever, towards any vendor or any brand of products

Roopa Krishnamurthy - SoundsScapeIndia, Karnataka
Roopa Krishnamurthy - SoundsScapeIndia, Karnataka

Quiet. Abuzz. Alive. Flat:
Made to Order.

Sound. As you like it. Imagine Shakespeare having to overcome noise for the better part of his day. That which we call good acoustical ambience, would, in any other name, feel as good. 

What We Do

Home Theaters and studios have peculiar low frequency problems.  We hate dead-sounding spaces, and over-treatment is something we fight.  Precise treatment, aimed at specific bands of frequencies, placed intelligently, can work magic. 

Talk to us for Home Theaters/Recording rooms that sound like magic. 

We make the room go away. 

Clarity, Warmth, Intimacy, in the desired proportions. Engineered for. Multipurpose halls that allow theater as well as rock shows.  Crisp speech, rich mids, clean lows and brilliant highs. 

Meeting rooms that don’t leak. Where your tone of voice doesn’t inadvertently sound sharp. Open office spaces that allow you to focus. Yes, they do exist.  Collab zones that sound alive. Break-out and repro spaces that don’t psyche those nearabout. Numbers on these. 

Noisy and Numbing, Rich and Rollicking, Abuzz and Alive, Quiet and Calm, Soft and Soothing, Hard and Heavy-hitting. What’s your mood? 

And don’t worry about your neighbours landing up. We’ve got you covered. 


Classes where noise doesn’t linger on. Crisp, clear, natural speech. Where the voice carries just enough. Where the teachers don’t end up with a raspy voice daily. Where Lombard Effects don’t happen all day. Into that heaven of pleasant speech …. 

The joy of deep, restful sleep. There ain’t no healin’ without that.  We engineer the hospital and surroundings to ensure that all of those noisy but essential building services stay put where they can’t disturb you. Your BP could be 10 points lower because sound energy dissipates itself quickly. Why do we go to quiet places for holidays again?

Modes of Engagement

From glancing over, to co-creating. 

Micro Consult

Quick Review


Concept to Completion



Roopa Krishnamurthy - SoundsScapeIndia, Karnataka

Why Us.

Quick Decisions

Based on Science.  Understand the point of diminishing returns. Optimal Treatment. 

Get it Right the First Time.

We eliminate that chance factor, so we can all sleep well. 

Creative ideas

We make your design intent work.  Because we know how to. 

Solve Specific.

We solve to optimize solution for the specific set of problems each site has.  No over-engineering. 


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Custom Designs. Backed by Science. Informed Decisions. Predictable Outcomes. In One Shot. 

Roopa Krishnamurthy - SoundsScapeIndia, Karnataka

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103, Suryadarshan Apartments, 14th Cross, 8th Main, Malleshwaram, Bangalore 560003