What we do

Acoustical Design / Consulting. 

We use the science of sound to engineer your surroundings, to give you quiet focus, freedom from noise, clear speech, lively music, and speech privacy.  

We work with architects, interior designers, builders and residents to provide technical design input through various design stages.

We also work on projects that need acoustical corrections, when this wasn’t factored in. 

A professionally-qualified acoustical consulting firm with 12 years of experience. One of the handful in India that is backed by the technical expertise of a top-rated degree. We work with architects, builders and individuals to provide acoustical design input to predict and pre-empt noise, reverberation, speech privacy and intelligibility issues.  We’re independent in our recommendations with no commercial leanings towards any line of products. 

Private Residences:  Noise control

Home Theaters: Soundproofing, audiophile grade acoustical ambience. 

Corporate Offices: Speech Privacy, AHU noise control. 

Airports and Metro Stations: Speech intelligibility predictions

Studios: Soundproofing, acoustical ambience. 

Hospitality: Privacy, Noise Control, Standards compliance. 

Commercial: Noise control, speech intelligibility. 

Educational:  Auditorium Speech clarity, classroom noise floor control

Headed by Ms. Roopa Krishnamurthy, Soundscape India provides unbiased technical solutions to acoustical issues. She has a background in electronics engineering and has studied her M.Sc in Audio Acoustics at the University of Salford, UK – an internationally top-rated course for acoustics.  She combines her academic rigour with a practical and minimalistic design approach to improve acoustical ambiences. 

She’s enjoyed working on a wide spectrum of projects over the last 10 years – across hospitality, educational, residential, commercial, corporate and healthcare spaces. 

She’s ably supported by a team for measurements, reporting, drafting and simulations. 


Roopa Krishnamurthy - SoundsScapeIndia, Karnataka

We're Prescient. Really.

We measure. We predict.  We solve. 

We provide clarity on choosing the right products and solutions to solve acoustical issues. 

We’re independent consultants and do not lean towards any brand for commercial gains. 

We help you make informed decisions about the acoustical ambience you desire and what it will take to get there. 

Predict and Pre-empt.
Before It Takes Shape.

Our greatest value is really in predicting and preventing a problem before it manifests in brick and stone. 

We provide intelligent design that simply prevents a problem from occurring in the first place. 

We use industry-standard prediction tools that give us numbers before a single brick is laid. 

Roopa Krishnamurthy - SoundsScapeIndia, Karnataka


 Computing. Measurements. Detailing.

Roopa Krishnamurthy - SoundsScapeIndia, Karnataka


Type 1-classified measurement equipment. Numbers on what is. 

Roopa Krishnamurthy - SoundsScapeIndia, Karnataka


Industry-standard Simulation Software to give us numbers before a single brick is laid. You get to hear what it will sound like through our Auralization module. 

Roopa Krishnamurthy - SoundsScapeIndia, Karnataka


Okay, excel and matlab codes. 

Roopa Krishnamurthy - SoundsScapeIndia, Karnataka


Industry-standard prediction software to give us that exact delta. Why single-glazed, why double-framed, why increase airspace instead of adding more glass, why this, not that. 

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Custom Designs. Backed by Science. Informed Decisions. Predictable Outcomes. In One Shot. 

Roopa Krishnamurthy - SoundsScapeIndia, Karnataka