Passionate Design, Precise Soundstage

Roopa worked on the acoustical design of the room specifically for stereo listening, predominantly meant for a vinyl set-up. As the set-up used largely vintage components, the primary objectives were to maintain the neutrality and authenticity of sound reproduction, without compromising or drowning the liveliness of the listening experience. It wasn’t an easy task considering the dimensions of the room, and how differently the acoustics need to be designed for this purpose, compared to the ones meant for theatres. The outcome of the work done were precise and made the soundstage feel clean, warm and very natural sounding. Also, Roopa’s passion for music and her work reflected in the attention to very minute details she ensured were addressed. The results are great and I’m happy with the quality of sound in the room now.

— Arvind Pani, Co-Founder, Reverie Language Technologies.

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